Party at Luz Marina Zuluaga's Home for "Simpson Street"

 Miss Universe 1958
An Exquisite Hostess and an Extraordinarily Beautiful and Charming Woman

Edwin Sanchez & Marta De La Cruz

Teatro Fundador

Views from the corner of the Theatre


Marta De La Cruz

It was Suddenly Last Summer at Cabeza de Lobo ...

Miriam Colon Backstage & After a Performance

Miriam Colon & Laura Elena Surillo

The Festival Parade

Miss Universe's Mother with Jeanette‚Äč

Jeanette Collazo & Iraida Polanco

On the Streets  

The attack of the children of Manizales

Miriam Colon

"Simpson Street"

Written by Edward Gallardo
Directed by Miriam Colon


The Two Eddies in the Andes     

Outside the Hotel Los Helechos

The Simpson Street Gang

International Productions:   [United States]  [Spain]  [Mexico]  [Puerto Rico]

Stranded at the Airport
The Long Trip Home Begins.