Silvana's also working all the time and lands part in "How The West Was Won" with James Arness and Ricardo Montalban.



Joshua Bryant - Rafael Campos


Move to L.A.

Two weeks later I land my first major TV role in an episode of "Baretta" titled 'Under the City'.

Robert Blake was great and even taught me an acting trick Humphrey Bogart has shown him. 


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Sandor Stern (Writer/Producer), Claude Akins, Edward Gallardo, Rafael Campos

It may not be the greatest movie ever made, but it's the greatest job.  Not only do I get to go back to Hawaii, it takes place on a cruise ship that sails around to all of the Islands.

Not to mention, I get to work with Claude Akins.

Meet Billy Drago
who marries Silvana and becomes my brother-in-law

Next I'm lucky enough to be cast on "Hawaii Five-O".
Jack Lord was incredibly nice and the only star to ask me to sign his autograph book.

"Killer On Board"
Co-Starring with
Patty Duke
William Daniels
Bonnie Bartlett
Jane Seymour
George Hamilton
Frank Converse
Rafael Campos
Claude Akins
Beatrice Straight
Michael Lerner

I felt like I was in Paradise.          



I'd had a crush on Jill Haworth since I was a kid and saw her in "Exodus", which continued when I saw her in "Cabaret".  

I couldn't believe I was actually working with her, or that she moved in with Bruce, Silvana and me for a few months.

Patty Duke & Bonnie Bartlett

Most of all, I get to become friends with Rafael Campos who I'd admired for years.

I also get to meet Frank Converse ...


And have a wonderful lunch one afternoon with Beatrice Straight who'd just won the Oscar for "Network".


Get to appear on M*A*S*H*

The finest show on television with the finest cast and crew.  And the nicest people you could ever hope to work with.