Edward Gallardo

Playwright - Lyricist - Librettist

  • A Little Spice ... And Things Not So Nice (A Cabaret). 
           Music by Paul Radelat)

  • The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.
          Music by Gary William Friedman

  • Aryeto De Pescadores.  
    ​      In collaboration with Pregones

  • Ballad of a Silent Man

  • Bernie

  • Carmen Libre
          Music by George Bizet

  • ​The Dinner Guest

  • ​Everybody Knows My Business.  
          Co-authored with Yolanda Gallardo
  • (Todo el Mundo Sabe lo Que Yo Hago)
    ​      Co-authored with Yolanda Gallardo​

  • Fantasma (A Street Opera).
          Music by Marc Allen Trujillo

  • Fragile Lady, (A Performance Piece).
          Music by Bruce J. Taub

  • Hard Times, Hard Choices

  • In Another Part of the City

  • Jammin' in the Slam Zone

  • Levin
    ​      In collaboration with John Flaxman

  • Maria (Monologue)

  • Miss George Alliance

  • The Mugger

  • Nobody Ever Says Goodbye

  • The Petrified Prince
          Music by Michael John LaChiusa

  • Resurrecting Levin.  
    ​      In collaboration with John Flaxman

  • Selena Forever /
  • ​Selena, A Celebration of Life
    ​      Music by Fernando Rivas

  • Simpson Street
  • (La Calle Simpson)

  • Waltz On A Merry-Go-Round
          Incidental Music by Bruce J. Taub)

  • Waltz On A Merry-Go-Round (An Opera in Three Acts) 
          Music by Bruce J. Taub  

  • Women Without Men
  • (Mujeres Sin Hombre)

  • The World of Muddy Waters

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